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    The year 2007 has been a fruitful one for IWCS.††All of our Water For Wildlife projects have held well through the summer monsoon months and as we move into the winter, three more are pending within the White Grass Plains Wildlife Reserve, the area where IWCS operates all of its conservation programs.††The first one is a pair of new ground-water waterholes, to be dug in the dry and waterless forest of the north central area of the White Grass Plains. Once in place, they will provide water throughout the year and bring wildlife back into terrain where, in the winter months, there is presently almost none. The third project will be an expansion of the fish habitat created†last year in one of the old river beds of the Bauni River, in the center of the reserve. When completed it will†provide additional†habitat for the larger fish of the river. Work on these three projects will commence in early December and will take about two months to complete.

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    The construction of the†WGP Safari Lodge and Research Center†also continues, with the structure of the main building†now complete and doors and windows being set in place.††Funding is needed to complete the work and when this is forthcoming, the center will be quickly completed and ready to receive it first researchers for exploration of the scientifically unexplored forests and grasslands and wetlands of the WGP, wherein lies the exciting prospect of finding, among other natural treasures, medicinal plants presently unknown to science. Funding for this winterís projects is being generously provided by the American Himalayan Foundation of San Francisco, California, and IWCS Executive Director Peter Byrne will personally supervise all of the projects, in the field.

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