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    Through March and April of this year, the society completed the final phase of its ten year, Water For Wildlife Program, with a big-100 m X 50 m-groundwater water hole in the north central terrain on the White Grass Plains Wildlife Reserve. This program, as readers will know, started in the nineties with the reclamation of the park's beautiful Rani Tal lake. Now, ten years later, all of the projects, for a total of nine, have been completed and are successful in their aims, which is water for the abundant wildlife of the WGP.

    Site of the final project was a giant, muddy hollow formed in the dry bed of an ancient river. Though known as Kumari Tal, its name (tal meaning lake) is a misnomer because although it might briefly hold monsoon rain water in the wet season-June through October-for the remainder of the year it has always been dry. Now, excavated to a depth of four meters, which allows for a ground water depth of one meter, it will provide water for thirsty animals through twelve months of the year.

    The work of planning and field work excavation of the new waterhole was carried out by Peter Byrne with his daughter Rara and funding was most generously provided by a grant from the American Himalayan Society of San Francisco, California.

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    The next wildlife conservation assignment for IWCS., for this coming winter, is a mugger crocodile rehabilitation project in the lake of Rani Tal, in the WGP. It will include the construction of log platforms that will allow these extraordinary saurians to bask in the sun, a habit that is vital to the precise regulation of their metabolism and body temperatures. IWCS supporters can find out more about participating and/or supporting this exciting new project by keeping en eye on the IWCS newsletter, or by contacting Peter Byrne personally by email. (Please see Contact Us page)

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